At Triple Studio, our goal is to celebrate the beauty of nature and brings that warmth and joy to your everyday life.

Triple Studio features the heart-warming animal portraits of artist Crystal Ho. She is drawn to the irresistible essence of animals: their furry faces, their perky ears, their plethora of colors and textures. Animals simply have a way of being adventurous and fun: visually, figuratively, and literally!

About Crystal

Triple Studio is the work of artist Crystal Ho. Many of the creatures in her paintings are of wildlife that has been rescued or orphaned. Others became the subject of paintings simply because they were an inspiration.

She travels often with her husband, exploring the beauty of nature and observing the local wildlife in its’ very own home. It is very important that she feels connected to the animals. So, after taking many photos and quick sketches and notes, she will have enough inspiration to begin a piece of artwork.

Crystal Ho @ Maui, March 2017


About our Products

All of our products are produced when you order them, on-demand, to avoid waste and keep our business sustainable. We go out of our way to use only the highest quality materials and processes. When you buy a product from us, we produce it, package it and ship it to you – worldwide.

Everything here is inspired by my love for animals. I don’t just love the cuteness in animals, but also love the curiosity raised. Why are giraffe vegetarians? Is that why they look so peaceful? Did God explicitly designed raccoon to be an adorable thief? I want my art to make a connection with the animals, and raise the awareness of their existence in our lives. I leave a blank background to give us the freedom to imagine, just like how I would like to give animal freedom they deserve.

– Crystal Ho

As Seen In

Triple Studio has caught the eyes of BuzzFeed, Novus TV, CTV, Etsy Blog, Westcoast Families, Stuvvz, and DailyHive.